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Frequently Asked Questions
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1.What training courses does BSNL offer ?

BSNL offers courses on Broadband Technology ,Digital Switching Systems, Digital Transmission systems, IP , Networking and Cyber Security, Optical Fiber Communication, Mobile Communications and Telecom Support Infrastructure.

2.Why should I attend training courses in BSNL?

Training builds confidence and competence. You can put the principles into practice through training in BSNL and hence enhance your knowledge and employability.

3.How much does each course cost?

4.How can I register for a training course?

To do online certification programme with BSNL, you may have to first click on "JOIN NOW". Please provide the details asked for and also enroll yourself for the course you want to do and also the learning centre at which you want to attend the practical sessions.For detailed guidelines click here

5. What qualification should I possess to attend a training course?

6.Where can I find the schedule of courses?

You will be informed about the course schedule on enrolment and payment.
You can also contact course co-ordinator to get the information about the course schedule.

7.What is the duration of a training course?

Training course duration is 8 weeks. The theory portions can be learnt by the participants online anywhere, anytime. For practical sessions, the participants need to be present in the learning centre for 8 weekends.

8.Can I get the material used for the courses?

Yes, Trainees will be provided with the learning material online upon enrolment and payment of fees.

9. What are the system requirements for Total Training Online?

Any system of windows/Linux/Unix operating system having internet connection. PDF reader is required for reading the theory part.

10.Whether contact classes are conducted?

Yes. The practical sessions are conducted on 8 weekends in BSNL learning centres.

11.Where are contact classes conducted?

The contact classes are conducted in BSNL learning centers.

Click here to view list of learning centres

12.What is the timing of contact classes?

The practical sessions are conducted on weekends either 4hrs on Sundays (8 Sunday) or 2hrs on Saturday and Sunday (8 weekends).

13.How do I contact your Customer Care or Technical Support Team?

Click here to view coordinators contact details

Once your course is started, you will be given with the contact details of Technical Support Team for the respective course.

14.What are the facilities available in learning center?

The students who are not residing in the area of the learning centers can avail the hostel facility in the campus by prior booking in coordination with the course coordinator.

15.What if I have a question not answered in this FAQ?

You can find a lot more information available here or you can contact the co-ordinator for details.
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